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Elite School of Optometry

1. What is Optometry?
Optometry is a primary health care profession for the eye.

2. What do optometrists do?
Optometrists are primary health care practitioners of the eye, who provide comprehensive eye and vision care, which includes:

* Managing vision-related problems
* Prescribing glasses, contact lenses and low vision aids
* Detection/diagnosis, management and rehabilitation of conditions of the visual system
* Providing non-surgical intervention for specific binocular vision problems like squint

Optometrists diagnose early the presence of eye diseases, offer counseling services on preventive eye and vision care and collaborate with other health disciplines including ophthalmology, neurology, internal medicine and other health sciences.

3. What are the different areas of specialization of optometrists?
All optometrists provide general eye and vision care. Some optometrists work in a general practice, and other optometrists work in a more specialized practice such as contact lenses, geriatrics, low vision services (for visually impaired patients), occupational vision (to protect and preserve workers' vision and minimize eye strain), pediatrics, sports vision or vision therapy. Others may choose to enter optometric education and/or perform scientific research.

4. What are the career opportunities for Optometrists in India?
Optometry is a rewarding and interesting career that gives an opportunity to provide important healthcare services to your patients.

The scope for optometric practice in India and abroad is great. Optometrists practice individually, in group practices with other eye care professionals, ophthalmic industry and work in teaching and research settings.

Your expertise will impact the lives of your patients as you provide eye and vision health. Additional information about the profession and choosing an optometry school may also be found through links on this page.

5. Can I have an independent practice after I graduate?
Optometrists are entitled to have an independent practice. In fact one fifth of the graduates of the Elite school pursue independent practice.

6. Is there a demand for Optometry?
People are becoming increasingly aware of the importance of prevention and proper health care, which requires the services of optometrists now more than ever. There is an acute shortage of Optometrists in India.

7.Which is the best school or college of optometry for me?
Elite School of Optometry is a pioneer in providing quality optometry education. ESO is the first institution in India to provide a four year professional degree program and is also the only institution in India to offer PhD. in Optometry. Run by Sankara Nethralaya and collaborated with Birla Institute of Technology and Science, Pilani ESO is the premier Optometry institution with 25 years of experience in optometric education.

8. I am a computer science student. Can I apply for the course?
Yes. But they must have studied physics, chemistry and Mathematics in their Higher Secondary level.

Elite School of Optometry